You Are Warrior 💪

Some mornings, you wake up feeling like you are Atilla the Hun – fierce, a conqueror, vicious with how you attack life’s challenges, courageous and without fear no matter how high the waves seem. 

Other days, just those other days – the world is nothing but a giant dragon you just can’t slay. It keeps spewing out sulphur-laced fire that doesn’t exactly engulf and burn your skin but hurts a lot and wont stop hurting. 

Whichever the situation, it’s strange but true that that’s how it all BALANCES out😦

How will you learn to swim if you can’t jump into the tides and willfully flap those arms and swim?

How will you achieve those victories if you are not willing to run the race and overcome the hurdles? 

How will you receive goodness if you cannot give goodness? 

You have got it all in you. All the tools, all the artillery, all the courage, name it if only you are willing not to sell yourself short. 

Do NOT ever think less of YOU!! 

You are made for this, you are made of Warrior!!

You are WARRIOR!! 

Love and Peace


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