Travel Is My Therapy

It must be the way I feel the night before or the few hours before its go go go! It could be the way I lay out my clothes, toiletries, shoes, workout garb, books, music playlists, camera – oh, I mustn’t forget my sponge and toothbrush –  pre-planning which outfit I will wear on Monday, on Saturday… if I’ll need my “lazy pants” and rubber sandals to easily wade through airport security….. all of it!

Photo capture of an elephant in the Murchison Falls National Game Park

It probably is the way I squeeze all my soon-to-be temporary life into a bag and ensure I can zip it easily and be able to lift it to the car awaiting to take me away into the known or probably the unkown. 

Hiking through Pain Upe Natural Reserve in Karamoja region

The journey starts right there with the long drive or flight or boat-ride or even on my feet. All the while, anticipation clouds my mind, a bit of anxiety creeps up on me, questions wade through my head… 

Taking in the beauty that is Lake Bunyonyi in Kabale district

Depending on what it is I am going to do, it’s always the same questions, the same thoughts, the same excitements: did I pack everything I need? Will I accomplish this mission? Will I come back with awesome memories, new lessons learned, new acquaintances and maybe a few kilos on my hips from all the culinary delights outside my strict diet schedule. 

The Beach and The Ocean in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Also, it must mainly be about the key reason I had to pack and leave the cormfort of my bed, the warmth of my loved ones, the familiar environment, the daily routine… It must be about the temporary fix I will experience out there because just for a moment it will no longer be the usual. What’s not to love about a tweak in the usual routine?? I know, not many will get it! 

Catching a beautiful sunset in Dakar, Senegal

Out there is the opportunity to talk to strangers, to talk to yourself, to let that adrenaline out, to breath some freshness, to make memories, to feel all sorts of emotions, to give, to receive, to learn, to fall, to get up, to let your loved ones miss you, to appreciate the green grass on the other side and learn how to water your own…. I could go on and on and on…!

An old boat anchored and tied to a pole on Lake Victoria in Mukono district

Then there is the part when your temporary moment has to come to an end because you definitely have to go back to your realities – back to your routines and back to planning for the next journey.

East and West Berlin and remains of the Wall that divided the two

Well, whatever the process, the experience, the place – travel is that fix, that thing I look forward to…  


Travelling is definitely my all time therapy. 



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