Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner! A Dinner Date With Four Inspirational People – (Part 2)

The table has been set, the food has been laid out, my special guests have arrived and I cannot wait to indulge the amazing guests in culinary delights and very enriching discussions.

I have so many questions for my honorary guests; I have so much to learn from them; this is my golden opportunity – to ask or to hold my peace! These are the questions I would ask my guests – not in any particular order.

I am excited, here goes:

Photo from Dalai Lama Website

The things I would ask the Dalai Lama:
1. Do you ever get angry and literally throw a fit?
2. Do you think you will ever wear pants or a suit?
3. How long do you spend in meditation everyday?
4. Is there hope for your reconciliation with the Government of China?
5. Do your feel your role in achieving world peace has been significant?
6. What was it like working on the book project (The Book Of Joy) with Desmond Tutu? You both seemed to have had a great time together?

Photo Courtesy of DumboFeather.Com

The things I would ask Winnie Byanyima:
1. What inspired you to name your son “Anslem’?
2. If you were to become first Lady of Uganda – would you give up on your diplomatic work?
3. What do you do during your free time?
4. Do you miss living in Uganda?
5. Do you feel the impact of the work you are doing at a global level? Do you feel this in Uganda too?
6. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Photo from Billy Graham Evangelical Association

The things I would ask Billy Graham (if he were still alive):
1. What was that a-ha moment that made you realise you were destined to be an evangelist?
2. What has been the biggest or worst rejection you’ve encountered and how did you manage this?
3. How did it feel having and pulling those big crowds/congregations around to your crusades?
4. What inspired your famous quote: “The will of God will not take us where the Grace of God cannot sustain us”?
5. Do you have a favourite song that you cant stop humming to?
6. Did you do family vacations? If yes – which was your favourite destination?

Photo Courtesy of Conservation Through Public Health

The things I would ask Dr. Gladys Kalema
1. When did you know that you would be one to fight for animals?
2. Do you have a re-collection of how many gorilla families you have visited?
3. What is that one thing that drives you everyday?
4. What do you do when you are not out there in the communities or in the wild?
5. Do you plan to author a book one day?
6. Do you have a special place in the house where you place/layout all your awards and accolades?

What an evening this would be; spent dining with four amazing people that inspire me!

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