It’s been long since I last made an entry on here. I won’t throw around excuses such as writer’s block, luck of motivation, a busy work schedule or even the fact that a million things have since changed in my life but oh well – no excuses!!!

One thing I can say is that it’s been one ride of a year with several highlights coming my way on the wings of the angels God assigned to me! This is what AK has been up to:

Rwenzori ate my leg!

Climbing and summiting the highest point of Uganda was my key highlight entry into 2019. I shared this experience in my last blog posts and didn’t wrap up on how my life changed thereafter – literally!! Imagine, after reaching Magherita (the highest point on the Rwenzoris) , we had to buckle up for the descent. No one warned us about how this would be as equally grueling as the climb – ok at least for me. My leg decided it was time to give up. Imagine driving all the way to Utopia and then your return journey is messed by one of the wheels on your vehicle giving up. My poor guide had to bear with my loud screams, whines, many rests and stops and even being left behind by all my friends for a long distance. I was suddenly the slowest person.

We tried all sorts of tricks in the books like walking on one side, walking backwards – I even suggested rolling down. It all just made the pain worse. We sent word through the porters that it was time to get me evacuated off the mountain seeing as at some point many hours ahead, I couldn’t walk anymore. On getting to the last cabin, I sat down and took off my hiking shoes and peeled off my socks, writhing in pain – lo and behold my left toe had grown to the size of a tiny onion and my right knee couldn’t take it anymore. I was officially immobile. A few hours later, after a long wait but with grande treatment from my guide and our cook Maurice, my evacuation crew came. Guess what it was “Human Ambulance” – bet you’ve never heard of that. Yes people – this grown, mature, heavy lady was lifted off the mountain by very very strong men. I was constantly being swapped between the porters like a bag of potatoes. This was probably the most humbling thing to happen to me in years… The guys managed to carry all my weight down the remaining distance till we got to the gate and the car was right there ready to whisk us back to the realities of life.

The next weeks were all about hallucinations, dreams of climbing snow capped heights, cough and flu and a couple doctor visits. Oh and I was even told I might need an operation as I had torn my right knee meniscal tissue (the shock absorbing system of the knees).

Well, here I am now – still able to walk normally and didn’t undergo the operation. God in his ultimate love and consideration for my adventure spirit touched my knee.

What an experience!

The Big Three-Five

You know the saying that “A woman doesn’t reveal her age”? WRONG! I turned 35 this year – and if I could, I’d scream on the mountain top about it. WHY?..because am weird like that 😉

Seriously, it’s not everyday that you turn 35. That’s 35 years of learning, unlearning, the best experiences, growth both physical, mental and spiritual; falling, getting up, falling again, getting up yet again, falling in love, falling out of love, having your heart broken, having your heart mended but this time getting your head to do the hard work, forging new relationships, winning, losing, crying, laughing, seeing the world – the list goes on and on and on and on…

This year, I celebrated myself more than anything. I am grateful for the journey that has been my life. Oh and I had all these beautiful experiences collected and composed into a beautiful photoshoot by the awesone Oscar Ntege. I even got some make up done by a lady that I admire greatly – Cerinah Tugume of Serene Beauty for this photoshoot. Here you go!

I was thinking about meteorites, can you tell?
Photo Credit: Oscar Ntege Make up: Serene Beauty
My “Don’t mess with AK” look
Photo Credit: Oscar Ntege Make up: Serene Beauty
Smiling through it all!!
Photo Credit: Oscar Ntege Make up: Serene Beauty

Up Up Up and Away…!!!

Celebrating the beauty of 35 years was a long dream coming. After months and months of saving, I finally broke the piggy bank – bought a ticket and together with my bestie Davina, we hit Europe like the two loud ladies we are. We went on a Euro trip. Weeks of planning, negotiating, praying, anticipating, almost calling the trip off, name it; culminated into the time of our life! I knew something like this would happen again – I had done a Euro trip many years back but I was the organizer and team lead of a group of International students; then I didn’t have time to take in the beauty that is European countries. This time I had to have my fill. Here’s a few photographic memories of this grande experience.

Koning Platz or King’s Place – Brussels, Belgium
At the famous architect – Gauda – designed fountain. He did this piece of work at a glorious age of 24 years. Barcelona, Spain
Photo credit: Davina Nabirye
We (Brenda, Davina and myself) painted Amsterdam RED – literally!
Photo Credit: AKPhotography
Taking in the wonder that is the Arc du Triomphe; Paris France
Photo Credit: Davina Nabirye
These shoes were made for walking. Excitos galore; Rotterdam, Holland
Photo credit: Trudie
My travel bestie Davina and I always arriving loudly and proudly. Simone came to pick us but fell asleep… awwwww
Remembering the Cathedral of Notre Dame; Paris, France
Photo Credit: Davina Nabirye
Paris is surely the city of LOVE
Photo Credit: AKPhotography

It got better and better

Last year, I took on a work assignment in an absolutely new area –EBOLA! No experience at all except what I’d seen on TV and read in the newspapers. Best thing I did was to speak to my God-given abilities and tell them that they were going to do this work whether they liked it or not. It’s gotten better and better over the months. Offcourse I had to put in the work, read hard about this gruelling epidemic and the systems around fighting to eradicate it. Am no expert now but you can find me at the table of great men spewing a couple tongue twisting words related to Ebola.

My wonder team-mates at a work retreat in Freetown; Sierra Leone
Photo credit: AKPhotography

One key thing amidst being super dipped into this thing called work – I always purpose not to forget that I am not a machine cause I am not; sometimes I’ve caught myself imagining I am one but once in a while I get out and do human things.

God is his ultimate grace sends me reminders too that all work and no play will surely make AK a dull girl!

Mountain Slayers Uganda keeps giving

Mountain Slayers Uganda for the last two years has been my “fresh-air” space for a couple of reasons:

Daily dose of crazy; Mountain Slayers in Kapchorwa
Photo Credit: AKPhotography
  1. We get to see Uganda in ways you’d never have imagined. We trek virgin trails, sleep in tents (even through storms), trudge through swamps; look weird wearing hiking boots, carrying heavy bags and getting laughed at by young children in the villages we walk through (I mean, who wakes up and walks around a village carrying bags, walking sticks etc – don’t you have better things to do? :-))
  2. I have forged some great and resourceful relationships with this bunch of humans.
  3. I am soon going to be riding a motorbike (watch out for the big announcement!!!)

This year, I have hiked a couple awesome places when I was able to use my leg again. We’ve climbed Got Kalongo Rock in Agago district, climbed the hills of Kapchorwa and discovered unusual routes and many other cool locations. Its been timeless and exhilarating.

God is still God-ing

In his ultimateness God has not left my side on any one day. There are good days, there are terrible days BUT God keeps doing his thing – being GOD!

I have a family too – Lights for Christ (L4C) – my life partners, my Life Group. They have been that backbone to my spiritual stamina. Maku, Susan, Pato and Dee, Lillia, Kit Kat, Esther, Claire. We sit together every week (I havent been that consistent though) and do some soul searching and talking! Personals for life….!! We fellowship at Mavuno Church Kampala.

My friends have been the best – looking out for me when I don’t want to be found and still loving me despite. My family, well – that’s “LOVE” on default mode.

I honestly don’t know if I’d be this human that you see if it wasn’t for the grace of God. Everyday to me has been a miracle in itself. It’s rather been an eventful year but the wheels of 2019 are still spinning with amazing things in the works. Most important decision I have made is to stay positive and keep my head up in the sky.

I hope you’ve all been strong and working hard to stay up up and up! There’s more where this came from but hey, can’t be letting it all out, no?

Dedication: Kirk Franklin’s – I Smile

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