How very awkward that my first blog-post would center around food. Well, I first must admit to being a “foodie” (ˈfo͞odē: a person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet) but also the fact that food is a source of enrichment (we will come down to the detail of this a “nugget” ahead).

Food is enriching and nourishing to the soul, to the spirit and to the body.

So, what do we feed our souls, our spirits and our bodies on? Whatever it is, it will at the end make us who we are – body+mind+soul.  (Right?)

I was looking through this journey called my life and I must say these have been my top 5 key sources of enrichment and nourishment. I call them “AK’s sources of nourishment

“Keep dreaming and always be happy. Look out for the inner child in yourself” – AK Thought
  1. My character
  2. Family
  3. Travelling and Adventure
  4. God
  5. Love

Join me over the next couple of posts as I expound on these!

….and allow me welcome you to my blog-sphere. As it is now – it will be rough and will need a little sharpening on the edges but let’s do this!

AcknowledgementBDaisy, Mark Yusto, “Papa” Daniel, Rebecca, JPK (Authoring “AK”), The Dove (Davina), Edgar a.k.a Taata Troy … for believing in me and kicking my butt to get this started. And also for realizing that my head will explode soon if I do not share all these memoirs swimming in my cranium.

Lorries of Love,


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