A Letter to My Future 21-year-Old Daugther

Dear Poncho, 

This is Me – AK – your mother. I guess you found this little note that I had stashed away for you.

I lived, so must you

To be able to hold your head up this high is no mean feat. If I can, so can you. 

Do not ever let your sparkle fade out. Keep that shine in place. 

It is ok to feel pain, to feel hurt, to suffer disillusionment, to face disappointment, to feel confused BUT these can be countered when you fish deeper into YOU and find those glorious strengths in there. 

The power to joy, hearty laughters and never-ending smiles is actually in your hands, no-one else’s BUT yours. Ya heard??? 

You must work solid hard and not expect that food will fall from some imaginary store. Chase those dreams, take care of your health (mental, physical, spiritual) and again – do not let that sparkle die out!

Treat people and yourself with ultimate dignity, respect and loyalty. Give of yourself, dont expect back BUT do not burn yourself out because that will empty you up! (Empty doesnt cut good my love)… 

On LOVE – God is the ultimate LOVER…and then my darling LOVE on you! Love love love on you because then you will know how to be loved and how to love another. 

Finally child – with that sparkle still shinning on bright, you will bring joy to the universe, to the hurting soul and into your God-given purpose.

I am still a mighty work in progress but see I hold my head up each time!!! 

So much love, hugs and butterfly kisses


~ Beauty begins the day you decide to be yourself ~ 

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