5 Lessons On Life From My Hiking Boots

My Father after realising I took the adrenaline-junky side of the family gifted me with these amazing hiking boots for my 33rd birthday. He and Mama both agree that joining my hiking club was one of the best things to happen to me. Mostly because every time I return from these hikes, it’s like a re-birth has happened and I have gained a whole new level of “glow”.

Anyway, the hiking boots! They are a must-have for every hiker or mountaineer. Mostly because they protect your feet from injury and they make walking through rough terrains seem like a joy. I lost a toe nail on my first hike simply because I wore the wrong shoes.

Here are some life lessons my hiking boots have taught me.

1. Muddy days are sorted with a good clean up

Some days are pretty muddy, some damp, others dusty and dry BUT a pretty clean up (mental, body, spiritual) and plenty of rest will get you set for the next move.

2. Life is a Road

Life is a journey and you must have good treads in place to grip good during the highs and the lows.

3. Life is a Road and a good pair of shoes is a must-have

A good pair of shoes (in this case attitude, mannerisms, respect for others, etc) will get you through the murky waters. They will get you through the toughest of trails and journies.

4. Dont STOP

Dont stop, you go ahead, you keep going. You slip and fall, you get up and keep going. Dont give up, dont tire DONT STOP! 

My Hiking Shoes before a good clean up

5. Humanity deserves a trying chance

My boots are rough and rugged on the outside but soft and squishy on the inside. It goes to say that not everything is as it seems. We shouldnt always be on the judging end of our fellow human beings. Many a-times we have been shaped to do what we do because of the circumstances and environment we are in. Let’s always work to give each other another chance at goodness. CHRIST has done that for us. He does that EVERYDAY actually. 

Thank you Boots for these little reminders. 

Always grateful Photo by Paul Lumala

Much Love


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