10 Life Hacks I Have Made My Own

“….. and then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” – Anais Nin

I am all about the positive living, well being, happy living, peaceful existence, taking life one victorious moment at a time. I am all about great co-existence, making peace and not war, smelling the roses, healing wounds and all the good things our LORD has instructed us to do. My life has been a journey of learning how to assemble all the puzzle pieces together figuring all this out and somehow I have carved out my niche of 10 life hacks that I carry around in my tool box of life:

Hack 1: I always show up no matter what. With my head held high and my crown straightened, I show up for life; punches here, wounds there, tears falling – I seek my solace in Christ BUT I show up!

Hack 2: I am the boss of my life – the Alpha boss being the Creator and Maker of my life. It’s not easy to always take charge but hey, I am the boss of my life!

Hack 3: I must do one thing at a time. Yes, I might be the best multi-tasker there ever was but trying that has left me with half completed or undone tasks; best to give one thing at a time all your energy to completion.

Hack 4: I think of problems and life generally as a “teacher” not as a “threat”… and learning is now but a prerequisite

Hack 5: I have learnt to trust my gut – my gut instincts have usually been 98% right most of the time. I like to always call it God’s leading

Hack 6: I don’t stay down too long; I get up and do/repeat number 1

Hack 7: I will always attract good when I do good. Somehow, its a natural law of the universe and a heavenly instruction.

Hack 8: In three words, this is life >>> IT GOES ON. Move on and don’t look back. Don’t dwell on your past, you can’t change it – don’t worry about your future, you can’t control it – John. C. Maxwell

Hack 9: Be kind Anita; no matter what, don’t forget to wear your “kindness pants”.

Hack 10: That love that you freely give to people – yes, that love you pour into others: You owe yourself that love too!!

Food for Thought: What are your personal life hacks? What makes you tick What keeps you going?



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4 years ago

Prayer mostly and reflection on the journey that has been, what I have gone through. And also the fact that God is in control.

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