I will use the lyrics from the Commissioned song – “Thank You For Loving Me” to express deep heartfelt worship and thanks to God for his love for me. God has been faithful and true and stood with me through all circumstances. I take this moment and interrupt my rumblings to say; God – Thank You For Loving Me!!!!

There have been times when I look into myself
and wonder why you ever loved me
all those times I left you cause
I wanted to do my own things but you never left me
YOU just waited so patiently

I could not go on
without your love from above
and I need you in my life
without you my life will fall apart

Chorus: You Pick me up, when I fall
Always there, when I call your name
Lord I want to say, Thank you for loving me
So my hands I will raise, with my whole heart
I will bless your name
Lord I want to say, thank you loving me

Lord, I can see just how my empty my life would be
If I had to live without your presence
I believe in my God
Draw me closer as the days go by
Tell me what I have to do to be pleasing to you

I cannot say enough how God has been an awesome wander to me even when I am not deserving of all this love. His love transcends all other love and for sure, there is no greater love than his.

Love AK

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1 year ago

Your blog is very inspirational. Glad I discovered it πŸ™‚

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